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Oak Hammocks Preserved at Emmanuel

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Creation care Liaison: Richard MacMaster
Joined MCCN 100 Shades: April 2014
From its beginnings, Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Gainesville, Florida, has been known in the community for its commitment to peace and social justice. These interests began developing in a new direction when a former member bequeathed the congregation a small farm. Much of this property is forested wetland and includes what are known in Florida as oak hammocks. The Church Council has been working on plans to preserve most of the land in its natural state and develop a program there for traumatized veterans.

Want to Live Justly?

MCCN Councilmember Joanne Moyer recommends the book Living Ecological Justice: A Biblical Response to the Environmental Crisispublished by a Canadian nonprofit called Citizens for Public Justice, Ottawa, ON. This faith-based group seeks to shape public policy debates in the areas of poverty, ecological justice, taxation and refugees.

Everence Shifts Toward Greener Investing

Divesting from fossil fuels has been much in the news in the past year or two. While it may not have resulted in the demise of oil companies, it has succeeded in opening up discussion about money, values and climate change.

"Two years ago, I wished I could have been as engaged with climate change as I can be now," says Chris Meyer, an investment specialist with Everence, remarking on the increased demand for environmentally responsible investing. Everence is a Christian financial services organization affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA and other denominations. 

Park View Mows with Muscle Power

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Creation Care Liaison: Everett Brubaker
Joined MCCN 100 Shades: late 2013
Park View Mennonite Church, (PVMC), Harrisonburg, VA, has gotten a lot done since they established a Creation Care Council in mid-2009—especially in the area of energy efficiency. For one thing, a solar array now generates about half of the congregation’s electricity. Meanwhile, a more humble technology keeps their lawn mowed. 

Erb Blends Family Therapy, Climate Change

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Charletta Erb
, Pasadena, CA, was featured at MCUSA's Women Doing Theology conference February 20-22 in Leesburg, VA. Erb's talk was entitled, She Says Wake Up: Living and Leading with the Heart on Climate Change. Erb applied Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' stages of grief to climate change, and also connected an addictions framework to first world consumption habits. Erb is completing work toward a family therapy degree. 

Need a speaker? Charletta has a wide variety of interests she is willing to share, one of which is involvement with Transition Towns.

Yellow Creek Spruces Up Trails

[Meet Member Congregations]

Creation Care Liaison: Kevin Chupp
Joined MCCN 100 Shades: February 2014

At Yellow Creek Mennonite Church, Goshen, IN, spring brings trail maintenance to mind. Thanks to a gift from a lifelong member’s estate, this large, rural congregation owns 67 acres of land. They have some trails but are working on making them more accessible so that the church and local community can use them more often. “We are talking about putting up signs, making trail guides and scheduling events,” MCCN liaison Kevin Chupp explains. The congregation includes an avid birder willing to share his gifts, so birdwatching may be among the offerings.