Hello Berkey attendees–

In my role with Mennonite Creation Care Network, I know it is a lot easier to dispense creation care advice than it is to act on it. I am interested in beginning a small group for people who would like to work on lifestyle issues, connect these things to our faith and provide support and accountability for each other.

For some people, this group could be a sounding board for a decision, like whether or not it is necessary to buy a second car. For other people, it might provide accountability for a new habit, like keeping the Sabbath or eating only what is really needed.

The group could be shaped in a variety of ways. The only rule so far is that everyone begins where they are and sets their own goals. This is not about being a “green athlete.” It’s about each of us figuring out how we can become more environmentally and spiritually healthy.

Below are some of the areas that affect the wellbeing of our families, communities and planet:

  • Living life at a pace that allows time for joy, relaxation, spiritual growth.
  • Our carbon footprints
  • Food choices
  • Habits related to other kinds of shopping
  • Transportation choices
  • Political and social awareness and engagement
  • Loving and understanding God’s creation
  • Recycling
  • Giving
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Teaching our children these values

If you are interested in a group that meets for sharing around lifestyle issues for the purpose of supporting transformation, please take the survey below.

Jennifer Schrock