Liaison Annual Report

  • Please check our listing of Green Patchwork Congregations at and verify that your entry is correct.
  • Tell us how to correct it.
  • Do you have a creation care page on your church website? See example. See example
  • If you do not have a page devoted to creation care, list the home page of your congregation's website.

    Making sure we have multiple emails from each congregation will help us keep in contact if a liaison’s email changes. We also think it is important for the staff of member congregations to be informed about MCCN’s work.
  • For example: The pastor most involved in creation care or the chair of your leadership team.
  • People who have agreed to let you add their names and emails to MCCN’s E-newletter list.

    8. Below are the categories of church life that MCCN’s Greener Congregation Scoresheet invites congregations to reflect on. Mark the creation care areas that have received attention at your church in the past year. Check the links to see what each category refers to. Note that the “Imagine that…” statements are challenges, not things you need to have achieved in order to check that box.